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In Tasmania some special schools cater to children with specific disabilities as well as schools which specialise in certain areas, such as sport, music or performing arts.


Deaf or Hard of Hearing and Blind or Visually Impaired and Physical/Mental and Learning Difficulties – Schools in Tasmania

There are different types of education options in Tasmania for children who are vision impaired, or have physical disabilities, mental disabilities, learning difficulties and behavioural problems.

Education support is found within mainstream schools and is under the control of the principal of that school. They generally cater for students with the lowest level of support requirements and who integrate with the mainstream students for some of their educational program.

Special Schools which cater for children with disabilities. 

Special Schools of the Northwest: This special school is described as ‘one school consisting of two campuses’ servicing students and their families living within the Devonport, Latrobe, Penguin and Burnie localities. The campuses are approximately 50 kilometres apart. Other students who live in isolated rural communities within a 100 km. radius of the Burnie campus are also enrolled on particular days to access specialist programs. Current enrolments are limited to students between 5 to 18 years with severe disabilities who are eligible for centralised funding support through a Severe Disabilities register. Families whose students are identified with syndromes, severe autism, severe intellectual functioning and multiple impairments involving physical, vision and hearing are offered enrolment.

Timsbury Special School provides tailored programs for secondary students with significant intellectual and learning difficulties. They can accommodate students who may also need additional support and accommodation due to physical/mobility issues.

Southern Support School in is a coeducational government special school located Howrah Tasmania which provides programs for students aged 4 to 18 years who have been identified as having a disability



Tasmanian schools cater to a range of talents but there are some special programs for children with abilities including:

Secondary Music Scholarships: The Department of Education supports 40 students in government schools around the state with a scholarship to support private tuition, instrument purchase, attendance at school based music camps and tours or the purchase of music resources applicable to the area of study. 


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