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In Tasmania there are Independent schools and Catholic Schools. Both charge school fees, although Catholic school fees are often considerably less.

Independent Schools-. These are mainly single sex schools. Five schools have boarding facilities.Often these schools have a link with a church or a teaching philosophy particularly Montessori or Rudolph Steiner.  The IB (International Baccalaureate)  is a sought afer option because of expatriates see it as something which can be continued on in another country. Private Schools tend to have high fees but demand for places is high and many parents enrol their children at birth. The earlier you can apply/enrol your children the better, spaces tend to be sparser for boys and in the earlier years of school. See

Catholic Schools-Catholic schools school fees are usually considerably lower than in the rest of the private sector. Although the majority of students accepted are Catholic, the schools are not exclusive but students should expect a strong religious ethos. The costs at these schools can often be less than the levy paid by overseas residents at public schools, making it a popular option with expats. Most Catholic schools will take Catholic students as a priority and will expect you to show a baptism certificate and to live within the parish zone.

To find out further the choices of school available in Tasmania,  a useful resource is the Elite Executive Services Interactive Map.

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