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If you haven’t visited Tasmania before, deciding where to live will be one of your major concerns. The main factors are usually budget, distance you are willing to commute to your workplace and also the type of lifestyle you prefer.

Budget:  Tasmania is one of the least expensive areas in Australia, yet rental prices can still come as a surprise to people relocating. You can expect to pay a premium for housing closer to the city, beaches or near good transport links. Rental prices are quoted at a price per week yet most are paid monthly. Your  $200 a week does not instantly equate to $800 a month as there are a different amount of days in some months. The monthly amount is per calendar month. This can make a difference to your assumed budget.

$250 a week x 52 weeks a year = $13,000

$13,000 : 12 months in a year = $1,083 per month.

Websites such as and will give you an idea of size and quality of accommodation you can expect in different areas.

Distance to work: The distance one is willing to commute, where you work and your preferred mode of transport will all factor in to this decision. Compared to some of the busier cities in Australia, like Sydney, traffic is not much of an issue in Tasmania and  public transport is by bus which is excellent or for some areas near Hobart, ferry is also a possibility. There are many suburbs which are quite affordable and within a cycling distance of Hobart.

 To work out estimated commute times in Hobart go to

Lifestyle Factors: Lifestyle is the most personal of the three key decision making factors. For some having the beach on your doorstep or being walk to the local school matters most. For others it might be great shops, a bigger backyard or peace and quiet. 

Hobart and Surrounding Areas


West Hobart

Such a lovely suburb only 5 minutes drive from Hobart yet with beautiful reserves and parks with wooded walking trails and frog ponds this suburb is one of the  top choices for people of all ages. Exceptional views of the Derwent as well as the city, the suburb is still affordable and has plenty of character period homes as well as newer townhouses. Described by some as bohemian, it is a wonderful community where shopowners get to know their customers and couples  collect gourmet items from the deli before heading off to Knocklofty Reserve or families take a ball to kick at the Train Park and meet up with friends.  Newtown  is also a popular area with a good mix of houses and apartments as well as a real mix of singles, couples and families.

North Hobart

Terraced houses from yesteryear and character cottages alongside newer properties are only 5 minutes drive from Hobart . North Hobart with its many restaurants and gourmet fare has a buzzing community enjoying the cafe strips, night life, interesting shops and galleries.  It suits those who like to be close to bars, shops and restaurants (head down Elizabeth street and you are spoilt for choice). This area is a little grungier and popular with students due to its affordability.

South Hobart is charming village with a stong commuity feel. The village has lots of wonderful eateries and boutiques to browse in but is also blessed with great parks and walking trails. There is a real mixture of homes here but lots of historic character filled cottages, mansions hiding in large grounds often behind high walls and art deco has had a remaining influence on many of the homes and units. Here again are magnificent views of Mt Wellington or to the Derwent River.

Sandy Bay is a desirable and affluent area close to the city that is popular with families. Good schools, playgrounds and Sandy Bay Beach (with good places to grab a coffee) all adding to its desirability. There is a strong sailing community and Sandy Bay Yacht club is very popular. Sandy Bay Village is gastonomic haven and  popular with students due to its proximity to the University. The village area has a plethora of beautiful old homes with established and lush gardens. Tree lined streets are a feature and on the hilly areas there are newer luxury homes. Views to Mt Wellington or to the Derwent River are common. Neighbouring Taroona 15 minutes from the city along the western banks of the Derwent is also a good choice and slightly less expensive.It has a mixture of 1930s homes  as well as incredibly modern showpieces.

Battery Point is well placed if you like being closer to the action. A two minute walk takes you to Salamanca with its many bars, restaurants and popular markets. Singles and young couples like the trendy feel of the area but it is also popular with families who are happy to sacrifice a bit of space (less backyard) to be amongst the action. Lots of smart, new apartment buildings can be found around the Salamanca area. Old terraced homes in narrow streets remind us of early history and grand old homes sit on the waterfront watching the world sail by.

Howrah is only 10 minutes away from Hobart on the eatern shores of the Derwent River but here new subdivisions  and estates provide affordable, modern housing with some beautiful beaches within walking distance This area is particularly popular with families who enjoy the easy outdoor lifestyle.

If you prefer to live outside of the city in a more rural area the Coal River Valley (about 30 minutes drive from the city) has a lot to offer. Try Richmond with its older, established homes and wealth of history or Pontville at the other end of the Valley where you get more house for your money. If you like to get away from it but prefer beach to country living try Kingston, which is only 12kms from the CBD is popular with familie. The sporting scene at Kingston with its lovely golf course and sporting complex is a drawcard for familes and retirees also.Here you can find environmentally friendly estates as well as beach bungalows and more modern homes. The area saw many dutch migrants move to the area in the 1950s and they still have an influence on the area.

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