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  • Sydney is has good bus, train and ferry transport services.
  • For frequent travel Opal Cards offer special deals where eight paid journeyson an ADULT between Monday and Sunday means your fares for the rest of the week are half-price. Tickets can be bought at train stations, bus interchanges and in selected convenience stores. Fast bus services require you to pre purchase your ticket before you board the bus.For types of Opal cards see:
  • Children travel free under 4 years of age and children up to 15 years of age are charged a half price concession fare.
  • Seniors  who hold a valid seniors card are entitled concession fares of $2.50 per day.
  • To plan your journey go to
  • For more information on tickets and timetables go to the transport info line


Taxis are available to hail on the street, at taxi ranks or by pre booked by phone or internet. The driver’s change over time is 3pm and 3am so taxis around these times are more limited.

Taxis Combined: 133 300:

Legion Cabs: 13 14 51:

Silver Service: 133 100: This is a premier taxi service with luxury sedans and guaranteed reservations.

You might also conside UBER OR




  • Sydney is hilly and quite traffic dense which can make cycling a bit more challenging. However, there are many active cycle groups and with some forward planning you can avoid hills and enjoy commuting or travelling around Sydney by bike.
  • The City of Sydney offers free cycling courses teaching bike maintenance and confidence building and traffic skills as well as a children’s course for youngsters. For more info go to
  • Bikes travel free on trains during off peak times. During peak periods – between 6am-9am and between 3.30-7.30pm you must purchase a child ticket for your bike. Bikes travel free on ferries at all times. Bikes are not allowed on buses.
  • For more information on cycling in the city, bike safety and cycle maps go to


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