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Perth offers lots of shopping options, from the regular department stores to more individual boutiques.

Check out our local secrets section for some of our favorite shopping destinations.

Tourists are entitled to refunds on GST and wine equalisation tax (WET) when taking hoe goods bought in Australia. Check out for full details.



Coles and Woolworths are the most popular supermarket chains found throughout Australia selling all types of groceriesand household products.

Wine, Beer & Spirits: Supermarkets are not licensed to sell alcohol so you will find wine/beer and spirits are sold separately in Bottle Shops or Liquor Stores. They even have drive through bottle shops for those keen to stock up on the move.  To find a store near you try Dan Murphy’s ( ), Vintage Cellars ( ) or BWS ( ). Some stores have loyalty programs or are affiliated with the supermarket loyalty program so sticking with one can reap rewards.

In truth there is still a climate of buying goods from local shops and there are some wonderful local offerings in ost suburbs.

Markets & Fairs

The Twilight Hawkers Market is Perth’s original & biggest Street Food Market. You'll be attracted by its live music and delicious street food with different activities the family can enjoy.

Perth City farm is an orgranic, warm and inviting atmosphere that attracts farmers and growers and provides fresh and homemade products. They focus on supporting local proudcers and making their products available straight to the community.



Mobile Phones/Laptops/Tablets

When you first arrive you may want a temporary solution to your communication needs. You can purchase a cheap phone (expect to pay around $35) and sim card on a pay as you go basis. Being on a contract is a more economical long term solution but for short stays or until you have an address/bank account this can be hard to set up. You can top up your credit for your phone in supermarkets, post offices and phone shops.

You can also buy a wireless modem that connect you to the internet (expect to pay around $85 if not as part of a contract deal). This you can also have on as a pay as you go contract.


Telephone/Internet providers

Click on the links below to find your nearest store.

Or you can try independent retailers such as:


Tablet/laptop and other electrical appliances


Chemist/Pharmacy (discount chemist nationwide)



  • General: Try Ikea ( ) and Freedom Furniture ( ) for household basics. For kitchen essentials and household accessories such as sheets, towels, plates, cutlery etc go to Target ( ) or Kmart ( ). If you are looking for mid range stylish furniture try Domain ( ). For top end designer furniture you can’t go past Coco Republic ( )
  •  White Goods: For electrical appliances try Harvey Norman ( Bing Lee ( or 2nds world for Factory 2nds at reduced prices ( ).
  • Rental Furniture: You can rent individual items of furniture as required (such as a fridge or outdoor setting) or you can rent a 2/4/6 person furniture package that will include everything you need in one go.  The longer you rent for the cheaper the weekly price becomes. You will usually need to pay a months rental in advance, a security deposit refundable on return and will be charged a delivery fee. A relocation consultant can assist you to set this up.
  • Second Hand Furniture: Many people resell their furniture, at a fraction of the cost, when they leave Perth. Try (a website with free listings of everything from jobs wanted to furniture for sale), eBay ( )or the local charity stores to find a bargain near you.

Shopping for Kids:


Online Shopping:


Coles and Woolworths offer an online ordering service for your supermarket shop. Perfect for those time poor, with young children or those who need extra assistance.  (for farm fresh dairy and deli products plus fruit and vegetables.)



Furniture (order Ikea online to save a trip to their store) (second hand furniture sold by area)




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