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  • Perth and WA have bus, train and ferry transport services.
  • For frequent travel the SmartRider electronic ticketing system is the most economical option. Your fare is deducted electronically and you can top up your card when funds run low. Go to for more info.
  • Children travel free under 5 years of age and children up to 15 years of age are charged a concession fare.
  • Seniors with an eligible seniors/SmartRider card are entitled to free transport off peak and weekends.
  • Free Transport is available on CAT buses around the city. There is also a FTZ (free transit zone) that allows you to travel on any Transperth bus within the boundary limits. For more info go to
  • If you would like to plan your journey and for more information on tickets and timetables go to


Taxis can be found in the street, pre booked or also found at designated taxi ranks. Allow enough time as often there is a huge demand for taxis in the city particularly. Recently Perth brought in  new residents specifically to drive taxis but there is still a shortage. Fares can be paid in cash or by credit card or EFTPOS.

Black & White Taxis: 13 10 08

Swan Taxis: 13 13 30

You might also conside UBER OR



  • Perth has a good network of cycle and dual-use paths and cycling is actively encouraged as a smart way to travel.
  • Bikes are allowed on trains during off peak times, weekend and during public holidays and at all times on public ferries.
  • Free bike lockers and U-rails are installed at all train stations in the city
  • For cycle maps visit
  • For more information on cycling in Perth and WA go to

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