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In Perth and Western Australia you will find schools which cater to children with specific disabilities as well as schools which specialise in certain areas, such as performing arts, sport or music.


Deaf or Hard of Hearing Schools in Perth and Western Australia

The Department of Education and Training in Western Australia provides a statewide coordinated support service for children who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing through the WA Institute for Deaf Education (WAIDE). Parents are provided with a choice of educational settings for their children, ranging from an inclusive placement in a regular school, through to a metropolitan specialist school

Mosman Park School for Deaf Children, Mosman Park primary School, 91 Victoria Street, Mosman Park WA 6012 Phone: 08 9384 2088

Telethon Speech & Hearing provides a choice of primary and secondary school programs that offer extra support to hearing-impaired students in mainstream classes in regular schools.

The schools currently offering these programs include:

St Pius X – Manning

Newman College - Churchlands

Mel Maria Catholic Primary School - Attadale

St Stephen's School - Carramar

St Brigid's College - Lesmurdie

St Luke's School - Woodvale


Blind or Visually Impaired Schools in Perth and Western Australia

The Association of the Blind of WA support children who are blind or vision impaired and their families as they progress through their schooling. Services such as orientation and mobility, occupational therapy, psychology and social work can be accessed by clients at home, school or at the Association. Children can also access a broader range of services including Low Vision and Technology.  See:

Physical/Mental and Learning Difficulties – Schools in Perth

There are three types of education in Perthand Western Australia for children with physical disabilities, mental disabilities, learning difficulties and behavioural problems. Education support units are found within mainstream schools and are under the control of the principal of that school. They generally cater for students with the lowest level of support requirements and who integrate with the mainstream students for some of their educational program. Education support centres are smaller facilities that are located on site at a mainstream school but operate independently with separate administration. Students may be integrated into the mainstream school for some programs.Education support schools are dedicated to the education of students with disabilities. They generally cater for students with the greatest level of disability and support requirements, however most education support schools now provide Early Intervention programs for 3-5 year olds where children can attend full time or part-time and spend the rest of the week in a mainstream school. They may also have satellite classes which integrate children into a nearby mainstream school. Education Support schools may also offer programmes for 0-4 year olds if demand exists and funding is available.

To view a list of education support schools and centres visit Schools Online and click on "advanced search". In the section "school type" select Education Support Schools/Centres.

Schools include:

Kenwick School, Moore St Kenwick 9459 1888

South Kensington School, 31 George Street 9367 3620

Malibu School Georgetown Drive Safety Bay 9527 9009

Gladys Newton School, 93 Balga Ave Balga 9349 6499

Durham Road School, Durham Rd Bayswater 9271 0422

Carson Street School 19 Carson Street East Vic Park 9361 7500

Burbridge School Burbridge Ave Koondoola 9342 1633

Castlereagh School Castlereagh Close Willeton 9266 6100

For a list of schools in Western Australia see


Schools which specialise in certain subjects

Western Australian schools cater to a range of talents but there are some schools which have a strong emphasis on certain subjects.

Music Como Secondary College

Perth Modern School

See also:

Performing Arts

There are some schools that cater specifically to the performing arts, such as John Curtin College of the Arts. Their gifted programmes include: Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Music, Drama, Music Theatre, Visual Arts and Artsmedia.

See also


There are a number of Public/State high schools in Western Australia which combine secondary education with focussed sports development programs and excellent sporting facilities. See


Specialist Language Schools

The Japanese School in Perth offers bilingual tuition for children who are Japanese.

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