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There are two main choices of private schools in Western Australia: Independent schools and Catholic Schools. Both attract school fees, although Catholic school fees are often considerably less.

Independent Schools-Many children attend private or ndependent schools. A fair number of them are single sex schools and most have boarding facilities. Many of these schools have a link with the church or an alternative teaching philosophy such as Montessori or Rudolph Steiner. A few Independent schools now offer the IB (International Baccalaureate) which is also popular option with expats due to its portability. There is some prestige associated with attending Private school but for many the high fee structure prevents this being an option. Despite the high fees, demand for places is high, especially with those considered the ‘best’ schools and many parents enrol their children at birth. The earlier you can apply/enrol your children the better, spaces tend to be more full for boys andfor all children  in the earlier years of school.

Catholic Schools-Catholic schools account for a large proprtion of non-government schools and the school fees are usually considerably lower than in the rest of the private sector. Although the majority of students accepted are Catholic, the schools are not exclusive but students should expect a strong religious ethos.  Most Catholic schools will take Catholic students as a priority and will expect you to show a baptism certificate and to live within the parish zone.


Australian Christian College – Darling Downs

Address: 10 Ninth Road, Brookdale WA
Tel no: 61 8 9391 1500
Email address:
Brief description: Australian Christian College – Darling Downs is a contemporary co-ed K-6 school.
The vision of the school is to develop students who are equipped spiritually, academically, socially and physically to be a positive influence on the world. Our students are developing into global citizens with an apprecitation for diverse cultures and understanding of differences. The campus environment is vibrant with engaged students and enthusiastic teachers. Students thrive in a dynamic and progressive environment that encourages big thinking and a ‘can do’ attitude among the student cohort. Academically, the school is focused on ensuring every student establishes a solid foundation in literacy and numeracy. We want students to leave having developed a real love of learning. Parents are able to send all their children to the school as Australian Christian College – Darling Downs offers generous family discounts on top of already affordable fees.




To find out further the choices of school available in Perth,  a useful resource is the Elite Executive Services Interactive Map.

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