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If you haven’t visited Perth before, deciding where to live will probably be first on your list. The deciding factors are usually your budget, distance you are willing to commute to your workplace and the lifestyle you prefer.

Budget: Perth is ranked the third most expensive city to rent a home in Australia, behind Sydney and Darwin, so rental prices can come as a surprise.  You can expect to pay a premium for housing closer to the city, beaches or transport links. Rental prices are quoted per week but most are paid monthly. This means $250 a week does not instantly equate to $1000 a month as there are a different amount of days in some months. This can make a difference to your assumed budget – so ensure you do the math.

e.g.$750 a week x 52 weeks a year = $39,000

$39,000 : 12 months in a year = $3,249 per month.

Websites such as and will give you an idea of size and quality of accommodation you can expect in different areas.

Distance to work: The distance one is willing to commute, where you work and your preferred mode of transport will all factor in to this decision. 

To work out estimated commute times - Go to - this is a great website that allows you to enter your start destination (either by address, train station, bus stop or landmark) and time you need to arrive by and it will calculate travel routes available and times.

Lifestyle Factors: Lifestyle is the most personal of the three key decision making factors. For some having the beach on your doorstep or being walk to the local school matters most. For others it might be great shops, a bigger backyard or peace and quiet. 

Subiaco is the place where everyone looking for a vibrant, trendy suburb wants to live .The nightlife offers clubs, pubs and great restaurants which draw people from all over Perth and further afield. Rokeby Road has a large number of shops including well known brands, designer labels and quirky one offs. There are dozens of cafes offering everything from gourmet sandwiches to upmarket pasta and almost every cuisine is represented: Japanese sushi temptations to gourmet fish and chips. There are plenty of boutiques and individual shops in Rokeby road to tempt you. Hay Street offers other entertainment options including cinemas, theatre and the Art Centre for theatre options, craft markets and during the summer months, free entertainment. Every Saturday the Farmer’s Market at Bagot Road offers opportunities to buy amazing food and stock up on gourmet meals for a week. Through the winter the Subiaco Oval is a drawcard for Australian Rules football followers and in the summer is a hub for other sporting events and live music. Subiaco is just 5 kilometres from the city making it a wonderful commuter option. The village is a mixture of old Victorian cottages and newer apartments in narrow leafy streets which are incredibly popular with renters in particular. Transport is excellent with the train station situated in the heart of the village.

 Fremantle has a rich history which speaks of maritime adventures, convict history and early colonial times. Despite the historic overtones the area has an unusually high level of community feeling and has a vibrant buzz especially in the many pubs, clubs and street cafes. Freo’s buzzing cosmopolitan atmosphere makes it a popular with singles and couples and the distinct mix of old and new architectural styles makes it feel stylish yet friendly. Some of the homes are magnificently restored while others are quaint and itching to have a new stamp on them. The buzzing Fremantle markets have been displaying their wares from all over the world for over a hundred years and it is possible to get almost anything there. The lively bars and street cafés are interspersed with unique shopping experiences from humble to high end. Art galleries and museums are a plenty and being a tourist attraction there are tours to breweries, tram tours and boat charters. For a more peaceful way to spend a sunny afternoon there is always Matilda By on the Swan River to walk along. Transport into the city is easy with both train and bus options. The train takes around half an hour into Perth. Quite a number of people choose to cycle into work and bring the bike back on the train.

 Yanchep is still a hidden secret where it is still reasonable affordable while residents enjoy the beauty of the Yanchep Lagoon, the Yanchep National Park with its koalas and kangaroos and many new and exciting cafes and restaurants which are springing up in the vicinity. Worth exploring is the Locals cafe with amazing freshly squeezed juices which is an oasis surprising hidden in an industrial area. Next door is superb gourmet pizza and beyond that the freshest fish you will ever taste!  this tells sommething of the community which is close and are less concerned with the where and more concerned with the quality. Yanchep is an hour drive to the city although you can take a bus or car to Clarkson and catch the train from there. The stars at night in Yanchep are spectacular!

Mt Lawley is one of the best suburbs of Perth to live in. It’s a great place to escape the pace of the city without missing out on any of the benefits. It’s so close that the commute to Perth is only 5 minutes from this cosmopolitan, friendly village which is smattered with fun restaurants, trendy bars, cute shopping, nice homes, and lots of young professionals. Beaufort Street has some wonderful shops, boutiques and designer stores and great nightlife offerings among the pubs and bars. There is a variety of architectural styles to choose from ranging from Victorian and art deco cottages right through to more modern sleek upmarket homes. Transport is excellent and it is very easy to get into the city. Leafy streets and green spaces add to the ambience.



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