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If you decide to rent then the majority of properties in  Perth are rented unfurnished. Usually this means there is no fridge or washing machine. Renting furniture can be a good short term solution prior to your own furniture arrival or an alternative option for those not bringing furniture and perhaps do not want the costs of buying furniture new. You can rent individual items of furniture (such as a tv or outdoor setting) or you can rent a 2,4, or 6 person rental furniture package including everything you need in one go.

Some companies offer a  service to assist at the time of delivery and ensure everything is set up for you, from the kitchen kit to the towels in your bathroom. This is good if you require everything ready and waiting for you on your arrival in Australia. A relocation consultant can organise this for you. The longer you rent for the less expensve the weekly price becomes. You will will need to pay some rental in advance, a security deposit refundable on return and you will be charged a delivery fee.

Tip! You can reduce the cost of rental furnishings by buying your own linen and towels.


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