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Ricketts PointWith many rockpools to discover, shallow and close to shore, Ricketts Point is the perfect beach to let the kids play and explore. When you get hungry or its time for an ice-cream, try Ricketts Point Teahouse that sits right on the foreshore overlooking the beach. Located about 20minute from Melbourne CBD.


Brighton Beachonly 11km from Melbourne’s CBD Brighton Beach is one of the inner cities most popular summer beaches. With a wide expanse of sand the shores fill up quickly during the hot summer months with both locals and travellers alike.


Mt Marthaabout 60km south east of Melbourne Mt Martha is a beautiful Bay beach on the Mornington Peninsula. The 2km long expanse of sand is home to some of Victorias’ historical and colourful bathing boxes. Great for swimming, sailing and fishing Mt Martha is a wonderful destination.


Portsea – Portsea town is located between the calmer waters of Port Phillip Bay and the open tides of Bass Strait. There are two beaches to access from the town. Portsea Surf Beach on the tip of the Mornington Penninsula, is a beautiful and rugged coastline where holiday makers have come for a long time. It hosts many ironman competitions and has a wide surf zone with many rips and reefs. It is not for the timid swimmer. The beach is guarded by lifeguards during the summer months and observing the flags and warning signs will allow you to enjoy this magnificent beach in the safety of the lifeguards eyes.

The Portsea Bay Beach is a popular scuba diving, boating and swimming beach where the shores are aligned with picnic tables and you are able to enjoy fish & chips from the town centre or a picnic lunch.


Torquaythe official start to the legendary Great Ocean Road, the Surf Coast Capital, home to Bells Beach, where the Surfing World Championship takes place, and surfing label meccas such as Rip Curl and Quicksilver. Torquay is a wonderful place to visit or to holiday with the family. You have the protected beaches with grassy rolling hills down to the beach on one side of the town or an enormous choice of swell and surfing spots towards the south. Only an hour and 20minutes from Melbourne its definitely a beach worth a visit – a true Australian surfing town.


Lorne – Lorne is a popular beach destination for travellers and locals alike. Just getting there driving along one of the most spectacular scenic drives in the world. The Great Ocean Road spans directly along the coastline hugging clifftops and dipping in and out of rainforest inlets whilst all the time the panoramic view leaves you breathless.

Once at Lorne, the beach is wide and beautiful. Surfers and swimmers enjoy the cove like beach. It is a wonderful town with cafes, restaurants, accommodation and shops that stretch along the beach. 


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