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If you haven’t visited Darwin before, deciding where to live will probably be one of your main concerns. The deciding factors are usually budget, distance you are willing to commute from your workplace and the type of lifestyle you prefer.

  • Budget:  Darwin is Australia’s most expensive city in terms of renting on close par with Sydney. Rental prices can come as a surprise to people relocating.  You can expect to pay a premium for housing closer to the city, beaches or transport links. Rental prices are quoted per week but most are paid monthly. This means $250 a week does not instantly equate to $1000 a month as there are a different amount of days in some months. This can make a difference to your assumed budget – so ensure you do the math.

$250 a week x 52 weeks a year = $13,000

$13,000 : 12 months in a year = $1,083 per month.

Websites such as and will give you an idea of size and quality of accommodation you can expect in different areas.

  • Distance to work: The distance one is willing to commute, where you work and your preferred mode of transport will all factor in to this decision. During rush hour driving in and out of the CBD can be slow but often leaving 20 minutes earlier or later can make a considerable difference. Darwin is serviced by bus and mini bus transport.

 To work out estimated commute times go to

Lifestyle Factors: Lifestyle is the most personal of the three key decision making factors. For some having the beach on your doorstep or being walk to the local school matters most. For others it might be great shops, a bigger backyard or peace and quiet. 


Feeling the pressure? A relocation consultant in Darwin can arrange your home search services in Darwin and  suggest the best areas to suit you and set up house/apartment viewings on your behalf. They can also provide orientation services , education servies and assit with settling in. To find out more go to


Departure Servicesbefore leaving to move to Darwin can be invaluable or if you are returning hometo Australia  consider Repatriation Services in Darwin. Such support is invaluable and relocation consultants can avoid a stressful experience as you navigate your home search, school search and settling in for Northern Territory.

Covid-19 means we have created  virtual oreintation, home and school search services as well as restylng  our departure and repatriation services.




Darwin city is built on a peninsular, so most people expect a water view. The affluent seaside suburbs of Fannie Bay and Nightcliff are very popular. Darwin’s CBD is a good choice for young professionals and those who enjoy having access to entertainment and like the idea of no commute to work. Stuart Park is a nice suburb close to the city and both Farrar and Bakewell are friendly, newly built suburbs.

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