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Are you moving to Canberra? The rental market in Canberra is tough, with properties being snapped up shortly before becoming offically available. Properties you see before your arrival are almost certainly going to be gone by the time you arrive  so do you research to get an indicative idea of what you can find in your chosen area and budget but dont set your heart on anything.

Look at and information on what's available, or Mandarin speakers may prefer to use You may also like to check out, The majority of rentals in Canberra are unfurnished, however there are some furnished properties available: more likely apartments than family sized homes.

Cost of Renting in Canberra?

  • Rents are quoted on a weekly basis. Most rents, though, are paid on a monthly basis and so $250 a week does not equate to $1000 a month since there are different numbers of days in each month. This can make a difference to your assumed budget

$450 a week x 52 weeks a year = $23,400

$23,400 / 12 months in a year = $1,950 per month.

  • Rental prices can not often  be  successfully negotiated in Canberra but it is worth asking the agent if they think there is any chance before submitting an application at a reduced rental price. Your may be lucky if the property has been advertised for some time and you are able to move in straight away or you can offer a longer upfront payment. If you want to secure a place you love then offer the asking price
  • Rental Costs:

You will need to pay 4 weeks bond – This is held by the Office of Regulatory Services and is returned to you when you move out as long as you leave the property as you found it.

You will also need to pay 1 month's rent in advance

Looking at Rental Properties in Canberra

Rental properties  are viewed  by appointment (usually those priced $600 +) or at  an open for inspection time. Open for nspection (OFI)  are most often held during  lunch times or late afternoon and on Saturdays which is the most popular day for viewing. OFIs are often very short (10-10.15am) and many are at the same time, meaning you have to plan your Saturday viewings wisely. Many properties are advertised using the sale photographs and  can be out date and inaccurate. Going past the property before the OFI  will rule out some properties and allow you to better short list. The best properties are rented immediately and often to prospective tenants who are using relocation consultnats who can often access properties before they make the mainstream real estate listing sites. The agency websites located in your suburbs of choice are worth targetting as this is where they will be put on the net first.

Advice on Renting Property in Canberra

How to secure a rental property effectively– what a relocation consultant would tell you!

  1. Like a scout or guide : be prepared! Get an application from the real estate agency website or collect  a copy in person before the inspection. Fill this out making sure it is complete and attach relevant ID (100 points – see below ) with other supporting material ( your letter of offer from your employer and previous rental references are very important but so are bank statements showing regular rental or mortgage payments).
  2. Submit the completed application at  the inspection and request a business cards. Later that day, email the property manager  to express how much you loved the property (mention the full address) and to remind them that you submitted an application at the inspection. Tell them to feel free to contact you if they need anything further to assist with their decision. You would expect an answer on the next working day as Canberra properties go quickly.
  3. You might follow up with a polite phone call if you have not heard anything by that time.. 

Tip! Returning the condition of premises report (also known as an inventorywithin 2 weeks is important. This will assist you to have your bond refunded in full at the end of your lease term.


In brief: what agents look for in rental applications in Canberra

  • Well completed, punctually submitted, easy to read application.
  • Excellent References – both work and personal references are requested. Offer a selection of contact numbers as they need to speak to referees before applications are given to the landlord for approval. Local numbrs are more likely to be called.
  • They need to know you can afford the rental payments. Excellent rental references really assist. Most expatriates with no rental history will improve their chances if they bring a written reference gained at the time of their move from the rental agent assiting to manage their home or mortgage broker. investment properties or sources of additional income will make the agents more secure in your ability to manage the rental payments.
  • First is not necesarily the best. The agent will probably pass  a number of applications to the landlord. The eventual decision is the owner's although the rental agents  give their recommendations. Make sure they like you! Australiansare often chosen by owners rather than expatriates as they feel they may be more reliable and commit to the lease term rather than relocate again. Applications which are submitted through relocation consultants are also popular choices.

Some people apply for 2 or 3 properties at one time thus increasing their chances of having one approved. the agents do not like this. When approved you will need to make your  payment towards the rent and a few days before the start date you will be expected to pay the remaining upfront funds due and sign the lease contract.


Will you need help relocating to Canberra? A relocation consultant can assist you deciding on the appropriate areas to live and set up your house or apartment viewings for you. They can also manage the application process. In times of Covid-19 we can also provide these services virtually. To find out more go to 



To receive a copy complimentary rental guides please email or call 1300 762 388


Repatriation Services for Canberra and Departure Services before you leave can save stress and money. 



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