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If you haven’t visited Adelaide before, deciding where to live will probably be one of your main concerns. The deciding factors are usually budget, distance you are willing to commute from your workplace and the type of lifestyle you prefer.

  • Budget:  Adelaide is one of the least expensive suburbs in Australia, however rental prices can still come as a surprise to people relocating.  You can expect to pay a premium for housing closer to the city, beaches or transport links. Rental prices are quoted per week but most are paid monthly. This means $250 a week does not instantly equate to $1000 a month as there are a different amount of days in some months. This can make a difference to your assumed budget – so ensure you do the math.

$250 a week x 52 weeks a year = $13,000

$13,000 : 12 months in a year = $1,083 per month.

Websites such as and will give you an idea of size and quality of accommodation you can expect in different areas.

  • Distance to work: The distance one is willing to commute, where you work and your preferred mode of transport will all factor in to this decision. Compared to some of the busier cities in Australia, like Sydney, traffic is not much of an issue in Adelaide and transport options include trains, buses and trams.

 To work out estimated commute times go to - this is a great website that allows you to enter your start destination (either by address, train station, bus stop or landmark) and time you need to arrive by and it will calculate travel routes available and times.

  • Lifestyle Factors: Lifestyle is the most personal of the three key decision making factors. For some having the beach on your doorstep or being walk to the local school matters most. For others it might be great shops, a bigger backyard or peace and quiet. 

Henley, is a desirable, upmarket beachside suburb just a 15 minute drive to the CBD. With a lovely beach, great shops and restaurants along the Esplanade (which gets very busy during summer months) as well as parklands, it is clear why this is such a popular place to live with families and professionals. For a similar feel at a lower cost try also West Beach and Grange which both have lovely beaches and a quieter village vibe

Glenelg is a popular, well known seaside resort about 10km from the city centre which suits people looking for lots to do but in a laid back holiday style setting. Good for schools, it has a lovely wide beach which is good for swimming (not too much surf) and gets pretty lively in the evenings and at the weekend. Glenelg has the last remaining tram line in Adelaide that runs from the beach to the city centre. For a quieter, smaller version try also Brighton which has a calm, old school feel and lovely federation style homes.

North Adelaide is perfect for people looking to live close to the city in a vibrant area with a great café/restaurant culture and lots of great shops on your doorstep. With lovely, wide, leafy streets and surrounded by parklands it can suit both young professionals and families alike. Try also neighbouring Norwood and Dulwich and also affluent Unley.

For families looking for more space and a bigger backyard, Croydon has a lot to offer, from the vintage style stores along Elizabeth and Queen Street to the long standing community feel of the neighbourhood. The only downside if the lack of a good Private schools in the area..

If you are looking to buy and like the idea of a newly built, planned residential development then Mawson Lakes, with its purpose built golf course, running track, cafes and shops may suit you. It is popular with students due to its proximity to the University and also with families who like the peace and convenience.

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