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The rental market in Adelaide moves quickly with properties being advertised shortly prior to becoming available. Properties you see before you come to Adelaide are likely to have gone by the time you arrive, particularly properties close to the city! Research is good but don't expect to secure anything you saw while researching. The majority of rentals in Adelaide and South Australia are unfurnished, however there are some furnished properties but they are more likely to be apartments than family sized homes.

Look a and for information on what is available, or Mandarin speakers may prefer to use

Cost of Renting in Adelaide?

  • While rents are quoted on a per week basis most rents are paid on a forthnightly or  monthly basis and so $250 a week does not equate to $1000 a month as there are different amounts of days in each month. Take this into account when preparing your monthly budget.

$250 a week x 52 weeks a year = $13,000

$13,000 : 12 months in a year = $1,083 per month.

  • Rental prices are not ofen negotiable unless  the property has been advertised for some time, you are able to move in straight away or you can offer a number of months rent upfront. If you want to secure a place you really like then your best bet is to offer the asking price
  • Rental Costs:

If your application is approved you will need to put down rent to secure the property.

Prior to getting the keys you will be required to pay 4 weeks or 6 weeks bond – This is held by Consumer Affairs Tenancies Branch and is returned to you when you move out, subject to no breakages/damages etc.

You will also need to pay at least 2 weeks rent in advance

Viewing Rental Properties in Adelaide

Open for inspection viewings ae popular throughout the week and on Saturday but are often very short (10-10.15am) and sometimes a number are at the same time. Some properties are advertised using the sale photographs which are often outdated and not representative. Going by before the inspection can help you rule out some properties and help you to eliminate a few. Good properties go fast and sometimes before they reach the mainstream real estate listing sites. Follow some of the real estate agency websites located in your chosen areas as this is where they will be listed first.

Advice on Renting Property in Adelaide

Securing that rental property  – Tips from a Relocation Consultant!

  1. Preparation is key. By downloading an application from the agency website or picking up a copy from their office you can complete an application prior to the inspection. Fill this out carefully and attach to it relevant ID (100 points – see below forwhat might be included) with a letter of offer from employer/rental references from yourprecious tenancy, bank statements showing regular rental or mortgage payments etc.
  2. Submit the completed application  at the inspection and collect one of the agent’s business cards as well. Email the agent soon afterwards expressing how much you liked the property (mention the full address) and reminding them that you submitted an application earlier. Assure them thy can contact you if they need anything further to assist with their decision and wish them a nice day. You can usually expect an answer the following day.
  3. Always follow up politely, asking when you might be able to expect an answer and checking whether they need anything further. 

Tip! Your condition report is your security for a returned bond so make sure you get it back to the agent at the required time.


Your checklist when applying for rental properties in Adelaide

  • Have a neatly completed application in on timewith all ID/additional information requested.
  • References – a mixture of work and personal references are needed. Present a choice of contact numbers if relevant as they need to check these before applications are relayed to the owner for approval. Make certain at least some of the contact numbers are local.
  • The agent will need to know that you can afford the rental payments. A positive rental reference is a great advantage. Most expats with no rental history will need at least a written reference gained at the time of their move from whoever is managing their own property or from their mortgage broker. If you have any investment properties/sources of additional income o bring proof of these as this will emhamce yur application.
  • The agent will probably pass on all applications to the owner even if yours came in first. The choice is the owners although the rental agents usually give their recommendations.  Australians are often favoured by owners as they feel they may be more reliable and will commit to the lease term wheras newcomers may relocate again .Having a relocation agent will also assist you in being noticed for the shortlist.

Although it annoys the real estate agents, many people apply for 2 or 3 properties at one time thus increasing their chances of having one approved. Once you are approved you need to put down 1 weeks rent to secure the property – this means it will be taken off the market and no further inspections held. A few days prior to the lease start date you will be required to pay the remainder of the upfront funds due and sign the lease.A new website being launched to assist with bond tracking at:



Feeling the pressure? A relocation consultant in Adelaide  will provide relocation services ini Adelaide and suggest the best areas for you to live and set up house/apartment viewings on your behalf. They make the home search and application process easy.

To find out more go to:

To receive a copy complimentary rental guides please email or call 1300 762 388


Departure Services prior to your move to Adelaide can be invaluable or if you are returning home consider  Repatriation Services in Adelaide. Such support is invaluable and relocation consultants can avoid a stressful experience as you navigate your home search, school search and settling in for South Australia.

Covid-19 has changed the way we do things and we now also offer virtual oreintation, home and school search services as well as reinventing our departure and repatriation services. See



If you have a car space but dont need one. Most properties in Australia come with a parking space. Whether you’re renting an apartment, flat or house, a parking space is likely to be provided. If you don’t have a car and your parking space is empty, then this is an excellent opportunity for you to make some extra income. With parking being so hard to find in Australia, you can lease your parking space on Parkhound and make up to $3,000 a year. Parkhound is like an Airbnb for parking, allowing local residents to lease empty parking spaces to drivers for around $50-70 a week.  It’s free to list and Parkhound takes care of all the hassles and paper work. Payments are also automatically credited to your nominated bank account. To lease your parking space, go to go to and select ‘Lease My Space’


  • Elite Woodhams Relocation Consultants can help you find a home – their local experience can be very useful in deciding where to live. They can also research rental options, make appointments of homes for you to view and assist you with the application process.The time they save and their expertise and relationships will usually save you money.

Go to : to view the types of services they can offer. They can tailor a service to suit relocating individuals or families all over Australia.


To receive a copy complimentary rental guides please email or call 1300 762 388


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