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Moving house is hard enough but combine this with a move to a new country and it is understandable you may want a helping hand. Valet Unpack or Moving Services Companies are available throughout Australia that can assist you sort through your boxes and make your house a home in a matter of hours. Services include unpacking boxes/cartons and putting all your possessions away in to cupboards, making the beds up with fresh linen, setting up your office and computer needs and arranging books on shelves. 

Most International Moving Companies offer a Valet Unpack service which can be booked at the time of arranging your removals. There are also local companies in your destination city that specialise in unpacking services. The costs for these services vary from company to company and although quotes can seem high, it is usually worth it for the time and hassle saved.

Try: Moving House offer a meticulous unpack service that takes the stress out of moving. Or keep it simple and just request 2 ladies for 4 x hours and make sure you feel at home in no time!


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