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If you want to bring personal belongings and household furniture with you to Australia you have a number of options:

Checked in Airline Baggage

Most airlines allow 2 pieces of baggage on long-haul flights with a weight limit of approximately 23 kilos each in economy class, with extra allowances for business and first class travellers.Check also whether the airline will offer additional baggage if you are migrating as some will.  Excess baggage can be very costly and varies between carrier and travelling class. Some airlines have introduced Pre-purchased Additional Baggage Allowance which you can order online prior to your trip with cheaper rates than the standard airport excess baggage charges. Look out for Discount Excess Baggage Service/ Unaccompanied Baggage Service companies which operate between airports, with the owner being responsible for all customs clearance regulations and takes an average of 7-10 days.


Tip! Check your airline’s website for luggage restrictions as they can vary widely.


Air Freight to Australia

If you have a small amount of items air freight is your best option. Air freight usually arrives within 1 or 2 weeks depending on where it originates and the cost is determined by the weight of the package. It is recommended you get a number of quotes before deciding and it is worth asking if tracking is included. You will be required to show your passport as identification and provide a detailed inventory of items included in your shipment. Dangerous items are prohibited and many companies will not accept valuable items as air freight cargo.


Tip! It is often a good idea to send a small box of important items, such as linen/manchester, to tide you over till your sea shipment arrives.


Sea Freight: Whether you have a few boxes or an entire household to pack up, sea freight is usually the cheapest and most viable option for bringing your goods to Australia. Goods are shipped in 20 or 40 foot containers and if you cannot fill one with your belongings then you will have your goods shipped in a shared container. Transit times for a shared container depend on where the freight originates but can vary depending on hold ups in customs. If you are coming from Europe, for example, you may need to allow 12 weeks door to door. Costs for this service are dependant on the amount you are shipping and also how much you are willing to do yourself (packing, collecting from the port etc) or if you wish to pay a premium for a door-to-door service. It is worth remembering that any new items you take that are not already assembled will not be put together by the removalists at the other end. Please note: Your insurance premiums may be affected if you pack yourself.

Consider: King & Wilson Removals.

All shipments entering Australia are subject to a government quarantine inspection – charges for this must be paid after arrival in Australia and are not included in your removal quotation. Provided you have the correct visa in your passport, household effects and personal items you have owned for 12 months can be imported free of duty charges.


A word of warning: Despite best laid plans, times for air and especially sea freight are approximate. Often goods are held at customs longer than expected or shipments are delayed due to adverse weather conditions. Hope for the best but don’t count on it and have a back up plan if your goods are delayed.

Removals within Australia

We recommend you getting 3 quotes from removal companies as prices can vary considerably. Personal recommendations are usually the safest bet.

In Sydney - Consider: Hire A Mover  - Fast, Efficient and Affordable (they also hire boxes)

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