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Destination Shopping in Tasmania

Elizabeth Street, North Hobart: This area is where there are some wonderful restaurants, cafes and pubs but you will also find art galleries, book shops, quaint fashion boutiques, and cinemas. It is a lot less touristy than the area around Salamanca Place but here you are shopping with the locals. If you are looking for furniture for your new home then The Blackwood Shop and Just Leather are great starting places for furniture you can enjoy. Fill your home with fresh flowers from the fine array at Fantasy Flowers. The Nook is a great treasure trove of all sorts of things both to wear and for the home. Anturium 2 has a selection of beautiful jewelry for special occasions or just because! If you have the time to browse, then there is nothing better than the State Cinema Bookstore which has some books catering to all tastes.

The Blackwood Shop -247 Elizabeth Street, North Hobart (03) 6234 1719

Just Leather- 221 Elizabeth Street, North Hobart (03) 6231 4145

Anturium 2 -77 Elizabeth Street, North Hobart  (03) 03) 6234 9310

The Nook- 307 Elizabeth Street, North Hobart,

Fantasy Flowers 311 Elizabeth St

State Cinema Bookstore-373 Elizabeth Street, Paddington


The Brisbane Street Mall: Launceston
In this delightful old street there are wonderful small specialty shops with all sorts of engaging offerings. Find a variety of stores from luxury home wares at Inspire or stylish shoes at House of Shoes. Feeling hungry? Satisfy your sweet tooth dance with a visit to Missy’s Delights or visit the Tasmanian Chocolate Studio  for a heavenly treat.

House of Shoes-Old Brisbane Arcade, Launceston 

Missy’s Delights – Shop 5, Old Brisbane Arcade, Launceston

Inspire- Shop 7, Old Brisbane Arcade, Launceston

Tasmanian Chocolate Studio -168 Brisbane Street, Launceston


Food Glorious Food in Tasmania.

Newtown Green Store is a café specializing in organic products and a well stocked organic grocery. You will find everything you need here and it specializes in fine produce to please all tastes. 134 Newtown Road Newtown (03) 6278 1306


Companian BakeryThis is a traditional bakery which offers wood fired bread and traditional baking methods. Organic breads are highly regarded here and customers come from far afield. They also offer baking classes and an online store. 106 High Street, Oatlands.


Salad Bowl as its name suggests sells really lovely fresh fruit and vegetables as well as a fine range of food and produce. The freshness of its produce and the friendly staff draws customers from all over Hobart. If something is not available then they are masters of sourcing it for you as long as it is in season.

Macquarie St, South Hobart


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