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Tasmania offers various courses teaching English classes for beginners to more advanced classes tailored to academic or business communication. Some colleges have social activities clubs or work experience in parellel with their courses, which give practice in a social setting.  Universities also have English language centres on campus. The University of Hobart offers Pathway English which is a multi-level program providing 20 hours pfor those wishing to pursue further study.

Learning English is an essential for children and students coming to Tasmania, both at school and for their future. In Tasmania, English language classes are open to students of the Tasmanian Polytechnic. In Primary Schools, High Schools and Senior Secondary Colleges, EAL which stands for  English as an Additional Language, is provided as an additional subject for international students. International students are immediately brought into the same classes as Australian students without any test before starting.

Selected Senior Secondary Colleges do offer courses for students who need time to adjust to learning in English and these include EAL lessons.


If you wish your children to continue learning in their native language, there are language classes taught privately or at colleges and university.

Language School in Hobart

SACE Tasmanian College of English offers flexible classes with starting dates almost every week between late January to November.



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