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TAFE stands for Technical and Further Education which provide a wide range of vocational tertiary education. Usually the courses offered would be practical in nature and would suit students who are interested in workplace skills and training in industry. The courses offered are known as VET courses and may be certificates, diplomas or advanced diplomas which will either pave the way to university entrance or to a job. Generally speaking these courses are shorter and less expensive than university degrees. No prior qualifications or grades are required other than having completed school to years 10, 11 or 12.

  • certificate I–IV —introductory skills and training which are  industry specific, communication, skills, literacy and numeracy, and teamwork. Courses may be for a few weeks up to two years.
  • diplomas — these courses pave the way for industry, enterprise and para-professional careers. Some diploma courses can be completed at university level as well as at TAFE institutions. Diplomas require one to two years of full-time study.
  •  advanced diplomas —provide a high level of practical skills for employment in a specific career area, such as accounting, building design, or engineering. Some advanced diploma courses can also be completed at university level. Advanced diplomas generally require 18–24 months of full-time study.
  • vocational graduate certificates/diplomas —are the equivalent of the higher education graduate certificate or diploma. They provide high level employment-related skills and knowledge. The graduate certificate usually requires 6–12 months of full-time study and the graduate diploma usually requires 1–2 years to complete.

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