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  • Australia has hotels and motels  ranging from budget to boutique.
  • B & B accommodation tends to be in rural areas surroundingcities rather than in cities theselves. B and B means Bed and Breakfast and the accommodation you will be given is a room in someone’s home.
  • Short term furnished accommodation is found in all cities but is expensive and so is better for stays of 1 week – 3 months maximum.
  • To find rental properties and prices in your preferred area seet or . Properties have open inspections usually on a Saturday, rather than by private appointment. Good rental properties are leased exceptionally quickly so it is wise to have all your documents (ID/references etc) in hand so you can apply as soon as possible.
  • Pet friendly properties for rental are difficult to find and sometimes pets  are not allowed in apartments due to the strata laws.
  • Most properties are rented unfurnished. If you are not your bringing furniture with, you can rent furniture , purchase new or second hand on sites such as
  • Where to live depends on budget, commuting distance, nearness to transport and local schools as well as lifestyle factors, such as being close the beach or shopping centres.  Where to Live  in this website gives some suggested areas.
  • Homes for sale can be sold by auction or by private sale. If you are not a permanent resident of Australia you will need prior approval from the Australian Government.
  • Think about Relocation Consultants who can help you find a home – their local experience can be very helpful in deciding where to live. They will research rental options, make appointments forf homes for you to view and assist with the application process.

Go to : to view the types of services they can offer.


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