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If you are planning to bring your four legged friend to Western Australia you will need to meet certain requirements and plan ahead to ensure the move goes smoothly For more information on bringing your pet to Western Australia see our MOVING section.

Pets in the city:

  • All dogs and cats over the age of 3 months must be registered via your local council. Most councils have a limit on the number of pets that can be kept in your home.
  • Some local councils run free dog obedience classes in local parks.
  • By law, dogs are required to be restrained when travelling in the car.
  • Dogs are allowed in most parks but always check the signs. Some parks have designated ‘off leash’ areas and some allow dogs ‘off leash’ during certain times of day – often before 8.30am and after 4.30pm.
  • Dogs are only allowed on certain beaches. Your local council website will outline those that do.
  • Owners are required to clean up any dog mess.
  • Pets are allowed on buses if they are restrained in a box, basket or suitable container. The bus driver may refuse to allow the pet on board if the pet appears to be a risk to other passengers. Pets are not allowed on train s. Assistance animals and police and security dogs are allowed to travel on all forms of transport.
  • Pets are not allowed in taxis but there are a number of pet taxi services available if you book ahead.


For more information on local regulations and dog friendly beaches go to:

Pet Accommodation: If you need your pet looked after when you are away there are a variety of options available. You can arrange for a pet sitting service in your own or the carers home. There are also dog and cat boarding destinations throughout Perth and Western Australia.


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