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Moving to Perth

Located on the Swan River just off the Indian Ocean, Perth in Western Australia is the laidback capital of Western Australia. The locals are proud of their easy lifestyle, where a BBQ with ‘drinks at a friends’ is more likely than hitting the town for a night out. 

Like many cities in Australia, Perth has an amazing array of natural attractions. First of all, there’s the beautiful coastline that stretches between Western Australia and the Indian Ocean, which has a great selection of beaches, including active surf beaches and more gentle ones for younger families. Perthites also have accessto amazing wildlife, from swimming with the dolphins to wildlife parks featuring kangaroos, koalas, and quolls. 
Perth’s economy is currently experiencing a boom from its wealth of natural resources and the mining industry. These developments are spilling over into the other industries, particularly service and retail, ensuring there are plenty of jobs available to migrants. 
Accommodation in Perth is relatively cheap. Most of the houses are detached, meaning they have a backyard for you and your family to enjoy – and Perth’s Mediterranean climate certainly means you get to take pleasure in it! Travelling around the city generally requires a car, as Perth has a tendency to sprawl.
For more great advice on moving to the wonderful capital of Western Australia, have a look at the articles on our website. You’ll find all the practical advice you need, plus fun tips, to make your relocation easy.   

     Lord Mayor

    City of Perth 2007 - 2018

    Lisa-M. Scaffidi


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