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If you are relocating to Perth short term furnished accommodation is widely available in the city centre and surrounding areas and serviced apartment style accommodation can be found throughout Perth and WA. This type of accommodation offering the space and ability to self-cater is suitable for short term visitors to Perth or those relocating who are in the process of finding a more permanent home. For stays of 1 week or more this also offers a more inexpensive alternative to hotel accommodation although you can still expect to pay a premium for the convenience. If you are a business looking for potential options for your employees and want alue for money contact Elite Woodhams Relocation on


Perth's temporary accommodation market has many choices  to secure online but searching the market can be hard work especially as options are often geared towards the leisure market as opposed to corporate relocations. You may be looking to source accommodation in Perth but have not visited before and the suburb names don’t mean anything to you. 

AirBnB has become a household name and you may have even used online platforms similar to this to book a holiday stay. There are of course benefits of securing holiday accommodation in Perth for a few weeks: These properties may be cheaper than the equivalent standard of accommodation in the established corporate temporary accommodation market. And with their focus on the leisure market, the locations may be more attractive, being located beachside or near the river.

Do think about the property making you feel comfortable and secure during your stay in Perth. There are some risks relating to securing properties through online platforms that simply connect travellers with property ownerssuch as if repairs or maintenancecrop up. Sorting out problems can be time consuming and slow in resolution. In many cases, the occupant has no leverage as it is a private arrangement with a private owner. There is also often a lack of flexibility to make changes to dates and have funds returned for unused nights.

Perth's corporate temporary accommodation market offers a choice of either hotels, hotel-styled serviced apartments, or more residential furnished apartments. While hotels are suited for a single traveller for a few nights, small rooms and lack of cooking opportunities mean hotel stays can quickly become more expensive with eating out and using the hotel’s laundry service. Both Perth's serviced and furnished options provide fully furnished accommodation, equipped with kitchen and laundry facilities as well as the basics such as cooking utensils, kitchenware, linen and towels. 

Perth's serviced apartments offer a hotel-style environment with a concierge, on-site reception and manager and are serviced during your stay. The furnishings tend to be standardised throughout the building and many offer recreational facilities such as a pool, gym, sauna etc. Internet access is generally available and easy to access and set up but can be quite expensive, as are telephone costs. Typically serviced accommodation tends to be the more expensive option.

Perth's furnished accommodation options are more residential properties, either apartments or houses, which are managed through temporary accommodation providers. These options offer a more personal, homely feel than serviced apartment options. While some larger complexes in Perth may have a concierge, most do not have on-site managers; instead you would have an off-site property manager assigned to you, meaning access to the apartment on arrival needs to be confirmed for individual bookings. The standard of furnishings will also vary from one property to the next and recreational facilities will vary greatly on the building and area. These days, telephones are usually not offered, however most offer internet access along with instructions on how to set it up. While furnished properties are more cost-effective options, their cancellations policies are not as flexible; most require a few weeks’ notice while others do not refund unused nights unless they are able to re-book the property.

When choosing a property it is crucial to focus on the important details: how many bedrooms or bathrooms do you require; what bedding arrangement is provided; is parking available; how do you gain access if you are arriving early morning or late evening. In short, you need to be sure you will be able to feel at home in your temporary accommodation.

Elite Woodhams Relocation has many years of experience in assisting corporates and individuals in Perth with their temporary accommodation requirements. With up-to-date knowledge of the corporate temporary accommodation market, including serviced apartments and furnished apartments, we can match your needs with the most suitable available solutions. Many providers (for example, online sourcing platforms) offer services that cover only part of the range of needs, leaving much of the remaining work to the guest. Our model, however, provides a bespoke end-to-end solution to temporary housing needs for corporate customers, including comprehensive sourcing, managing the booking, occupancy arrangements, booking amendments, making payments, single source invoicing, and end-of-occupancy arrangements.

If you are looking to source corporate accommodation, contact our dedicated team of temporary accommodation specialists at Elite Woodhams Relocation:




Serviced Apartments in Perth

Usually part of a chain and with a variety of locations on offer this is often the easiest, low maintenance option for travellers/new arrivals. Serviced on a daily or weekly basis and offering 1/2/3 bedroom apartments with self catering facilities they are also a good option for families or friends travelling together.  The overall standard will be reflected in the price. You can expect to pay $800 a week for a basic one bedroom apartment in a 3 star property and can look at upwards of $1200 for a one bedroom apartment in one of the newer, upmarket developments. Even at the upper end compared with average hotel rates sitting at approximately $250 a night it can still work out as an affordable alternative. you are usually able to move out giving only a few days notice.


Corporate Furnished Apartments in Perth

More personal options  are through agencies specializing in furnished corporate-style apartments. These vary in quality and location and this is again reflected in the cost. You can rent these apartments/houses on a weekly basis and there is a one off move out clean payable at the end of your stay. Expect to pay $900 for a basic 2 bedroom apartment in the CBD and up to $1250 for an executive style apartment with water views.Leasing times are usually a monthly minimum and often with a 28 day notice period.



Home style furnished accommodation in Perth

If you are looking for a home away from home there are companies on the web that list apartments and houses that are rented out by home owners. These properties are usually rented for periods of 2 weeks plus with costs based on size and location. High Season periods include Christmas, Easter and school holidays when properties are charged at a premium.


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