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  • Prices for cars in Australia are high compared to many other countries around the world, although running costs are reasonable.
  • Second-hand cars are widely available from dealers or individuals. If purchasing a car from a private individual it is important to test drive the vehicle and check the car’s history to check it has no outstanding loans and has not been reported stolen. It is recommended that you have a mechanic or automotive centre check out the car properly before purchase. You need to ensure the registration is changed in to your name and register new ownership at your local motor registry.  For more info re buying a second hand car check out this link:
  • Stamp Duty and other taxes may be payable, above the asking price, particularly if you are purchasing a luxury vehicle. Luxury tax is payable on cars over $57,000, unless you buy the vehicle from a private individual
  • Motor Vehicle Tax is paid annually on all cars and Third party liability Insurance is mandatory. Cars that are more than 5 years old require a safety check each year (known as a ‘pink slip’).
  • Long-term and lease arrangements are available from a number of dealers.

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