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If you are moving to Darwin or Northern Territory you will be pleased at the increase in the number of universities in Australia since the 1980s. Australia currently has 43 Universities and 25% of these have been ranked in the top 200 Universities across the world. Many International students flock to Australia to complete their studies as they feel it is a safe, friendly country with strong academic studies.. Students who are Australian permanent residents are only required to pay part of the cost of their studies with the federal government assisting with the remainder. These students can choose to pay the fees in full each year or can choose to use a student loan scheme  known as the Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECS) - this allows students to repay their loan once their earn more than than $28,000 per year.  If you aren't a permanent resident, you will be required to pay the annual fees in full. For students not in possession of an Australian passport there could also be additional fees on top of those that Australian passport holders pay for University.


Universities Darwin and NT

University of Notre Dame

Charles Darwin University

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