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Moving to Brisbane

Brisbane is a subtropical jewel of a city and the capital of Queensland. If you love an outdoor lifestyle or an active social life, Brisbane is the place for you. This city has experienced an amazing population growth in recent years and, as the economy and infrastructure are keeping place, it’s an extremely dynamic place to live. 
Brisbane is a sun-lovers paradise. On average, it receives seven hours of sunlight each day, making it easy to plan great Aussie outdoor events like BBQs, a game of cricket, or simply enjoying the water. It’s also close to the Gold and Sunshine Coasts, which have amazing beaches and theme parks that are just waiting to be explored and enjoyed.
With its booming economy, Brisbane is an ideal place to look for work. Although Brisbane is known for its mining and tourism sectors, it also has a well-developed IT and service business, with many Australian companies having their headquarters there. Brisbane also has many high-quality schools and universities, if you wish to get an Australian education for yourself or your children.  
Our website can provide you with a wealth of information about relocating to Brisbane in particular and Australia in general. With the help of our website, you can learn about how to set up your finances, how to ensure you’ll be covered for a medical emergency, and how to get settled into accommodation. We’ve also got the best of Brisbane’s secrets, as a little ‘welcome to Australia’ present. 

Graham Quirk


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