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Finding a suitable flight

  • It is well worth looking around before you book a flight. Flights can be cheaper on certain days of the week as well as at certain times of the year. Midweek is typically less expensive while Fridays and Sundays are most expensive.
  • Flights during public holidays and during the summer season are charged at a premium. Flights during Australia’s winter are usually priced the most competitively.
  • Take care not to book too far in advance or too late. Last minute tickets can be charged at a premium. Most airlines start competing for passengers three to four months before the flight date so this is the ideal time to find a bargain.
  • If you are looking at similar priced airlines keep in mind frequent flyer programs and rewards. Also make sure the quotes you have are inclusive of all taxes and airline surcharges so you can make a fair comparison.
  • Look at the time it takes to arrive at your destination and the route. Direct flights may stop down in a number of destinations and transit times can vary widely from a few hours to a whole day, so make sure to check this.

 Extra Luggage

  • Luggage allowance can vary from airline to airline. Some will have weight restrictions but allow it to be made up in any number of pieces while others allow one piece of luggage only. Do not assume that sporting goods such as golf clubs etc. can be taken fee of charge: always ask!
  • Some airlines allow extra baggage if you are able to produce documentation showing that you are taking up permanent residency.
  • One of the Australian major banks offers extra baggage allowance on a certain airline when you open a bank account with them.
  • Some airlines can be exceptionally strict regarding size and weight of hand luggage so be very clear what you are allowed and measure and weigh before you leave.

  Choosing a seat

  • If you are not fortunate enough to be flying business class then try to book a seat which will make you as comfortable as possible for the flight.  A popular choice is a seat in an exit row where there is more legroom: make sure that you do not have to pay extra for seating there as some airlines will charge more. Unfortunately these seats are not available to people travelling with children.
  • Avoid seats on the aisle directly across from the lavatories and back-row seats that don't recline. If you are hoping for a view then make sure that your window seat is not over the wing.
  • Check out for best seats by airline.

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