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Brisbane and Queensland has colleges which teach English, from basic English classes for beginners to more specialized classes tailored to academic or business communication . Colleges also run social activities clubs or work experience alongside the course, which allows you to practice your English socially.  Many of Queensland’s leading Universities have English language centres on campus.

For children and students arriving in Queensland, learn English is an essential requirement for both school and their future careers. English as a Second Language (ESL) is provided in primary schools, high schools and Intensive English Centres such as EQI High School Preparation (HSP) which is an intensive English program for students needing to improve their English proficiency before commencing EQI High School studies.

Students, 12 years and over, with a pre-intermediate level of English, who wish to accelerate their language skills, can take an Intensive English Course. See

Children wishing to continue to learn their native language, will find language classes, covering many languages, taught privately or at colleges and universities.



ICTE University of Queensland         

International House ALS                  

Kaplan International Colleges           

Language Studies International       

Lexis English                                 

Sarina Russo Schools                     


Global Village Noosa                      


Southbank English Language Centre

Queensland English                        

Sea English Academy                     

Cairns College of English                 

Cairns Language Centre                  

Union Institute of Languages            

Holmes Institute                              


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