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Employment in Australia is not permitted without being granted temporary residency status.* Either apply through the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs or seek sponsorship by a prospective Company, Organization or Employer. The employer must write a letter outlining why an Australian resident does not qualify for the position and a detailed outline of the work to be performed.

*The exception to this is short term working holiday visas for travelers funding their trip with temporary work. See our Working Holiday visa section for further information.

Subclass 457 – Business (Long stay) Visa

This is the most common visa issued to overseas workers to be employed in Australia but will be replaced in March 2018. Currently this visa allows you to work in Australia for a period of 1 day to 4 years. Once issued this visa is valid for multiple entries and allows you to bring your family to work or stuy in Australia. To be eligible for this visa you will need to be sponsored by an Australian Company, Organization or Employer. You will also be required to demonstrate a good proficiency of English and meet a variety of other qualifications and medical requirements.

For more detailed information on the Subclass 457 Visa go to:

For details of the visa changes see our section on Working Visas.

Looking to conduct Business in Australia or set up a business in Australia?  
Check out our Business Visa section for available visa options and our Setting up a Business section for helpful advice.



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