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Employment in Australia is not permitted without being granted temporary residency status.* Either apply through the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs or seek sponsorship by a prospective Company, Organization or Employer. The employer must write a letter outlining why an Australian resident does not qualify for the position and a detailed outline of the work to be performed.

*The exception to this is short term working holiday visas for travelers funding their trip with temporary work. See our Working Holiday Visa section for further information.

Fun Fact :) This much of India of 21.2%, China by 15.4%, and United Kingdom for 9.3%, was accounted for Australian migration during  2016-2017.

The new visa subclass 482 (TSS Visa)

  1. The Short-term stream allows overseas workers whose occupations are on the Short-term Skilled Occupation List  to be employed for a maximum of 2 years, unless the limitation is inconsistent with an international trade obligation;
  2. The Medium-term stream  allows workers whose occupations are on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List to be employed for up to 4 years;
  3. The Labour Agreement Stream allows skilled overseas workers to be employed under a labour agreement with the Commonwealth government providing there is a need that cannot otherwise be met by the Australian labour market and standard visa programs also do not meet the need.


For more detailed information on the Subclass 457 Visa go to:

For details of the visa changes see our section on Working Visas.

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