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Most pet owners consider their pet a part of the family and could not conceive of making the move without them. As a general rule dogs, cats and horses can, subject to quarantine rules, be brought to Australia. Most other household pets, such as rabbits, guinea pigs and caged birds are not allowed to be imported.

Be warned - relocating your pet will be expensive. Vet bills, airline ticket and quarantine charges all add up. It is also worth noting that  finding pet friendly rental accommodation can be a challenge.

All cats and dogs imported into Australia, for the first time or returning, must meet the standard AQIS import conditions. The steps below outline the procedure with further detailed information on the links to follow. Please note: It is advisable to start making enquiries early as in some countries your pets are required to have a Rabies Blood Test 180 days prior to import to Australia to be eligible for the minimum 10 days quarantine.

  • Confirm eligibility of your pet. Some breeds, such as the American Pitt Bull Terrier, are banned.
  • Your dog or cat must have a microchip.
  • Apply to the AQIS for a permit. Once approved, they will send veterinary certificates to be completed and instructions on the next steps forward.
  • Book Quarantine Accommodation: 
  •  -demand for places can be high so the more notice the better.
  • Make travel arrangements for your pet. Your pet must travel as ‘manifested Cargo’ (not in cabin) and in an IATA approved container. Your airline can assist you with this. There are also pet relocation companies that can arrange this for you if required.
  • Find a Government approved vet in your local country who can ensure general vaccinations, such as kennel cough and distemper, are up to date. Dogs will be required to take a blood test. Within 4 days of export your pet will require a Parasite treatment and to complete Veterinary certificate A. On the day of departure they will be required to complete Veterinary Certificate B.
  • Check your pet in with the airline. AQIS staff will transport them from the plane to the Quarantine Station.
  • Once they arrive in Australia, they will have to spend a period of time in Quarantine. The length of stay depends on which country you are travelling from. Pets coming from New Zealand do not require a stay in Quarantine but from all other countries the minimum stay is 10 days. Should a tick be found on your pet then, potentially, the stay coulld be extended to 21 to 30 plus days when anther blood test will be taken.

Pet Transport Companies can take the confusion out of moving your pet. For expert advice and to ensure your pet gets the highest standard of Pet Transportation talk to our friends at  Pet Carriers International :
They can help you arrange everything from flights to export permits, from veterinary treatments to boarding facilities. You can email them for advice & help:

For further detailed information on import and quarantine go to

For further Information on city specific council rules and dog friendly parks and attractions go to www.aussierelocation/pets


Pet Carriers remind us as of the 1st July 2014 the quarantine charges for dogs and cats increased. See details below:

The Department of Agriculture is implementing new rates of charge for a number of biosecurity services related to animals entering Post Entry Animal Quarantine.

Changes in fees are necessary to return the department’s post entry animal quarantine program to a stable financial footing and to ensure continued compliance with the government’s cost recovery guidelines. Following a period of consultation, a number of fees in the Post Entry Quarantine (non-horse) program are to be increased. For more:



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