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There are 4 main options when seeking recruitment in Australia.

  • Migration and Job Expos, held overseas and in Australia are a great way to seek out current opportunities in your field and gain up to date migration advice. See our migration fair section for more info.
  • The Australian Government skilled migrant program is a program that assists people with specific skills required in Australia to get sponsored for employment. Go to for more information on opportunities available.
  • Career and Employment websites are a good way to gain an understanding of opportunities currently available. Try:

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Dial An Angel is one of Australia's leading in-home care agency and offers casual cleaning, child care or aged care work.

My Australian Job   helps to identify openings for newcomers and is an initiative of  the French-Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FACCI).


  • Recruitment Agencies don’t charge a fee in Australia. Look out for agencies that are specialised in working with new immigrants and at Australian websites designed to match individuals with employers looking to sponsor. 


Useful Tips

  • Do not apply for advertised job vacancies more than 12 weeks before possible start date/visit to Australia. Employers will not take your application seriously outside this time frame.
  • Send your CV to every potential employer and recruitment agent in your preferred area, letting them know you have applied for or been approved permanent residency.
  • Use to locate details of recruitment agents.
  • Work in regional or remote areas is sometimes easier to secure and often better paid and is a good way to gain Australian experience.

Getting your resume right!

Every country has a slightly different expectation of what should be on a CV or resume and how it should be presented. Australia is no exception.

When was the last time you looked at your resume or CV? Is it up to date with your responsibilities and achievements? Maybe now is the time to seek help. It can’t be overstated the value a professional writer can add to your ability to find the job you are after, and further, to achieve your much sought after goals. Also, does your resume match the information you have on the professional networking websites?  Employers are increasingly using these websites to search for potential candidates. A professional writer is able to assist you with all the above and potentially more.

Employers in all industries have more ability now to be selective when choosing the successful candidate. When applying for vacant positions it is important to stand out from the crowd and give the employer a reason to conduct an interview with you to gain answers to questions they have as a result of reading your Resume, it indicates you have grabbed their interest. In today’s incredibly competitive job market, your Resume is your most important advocate. A tired, one-size-fits-all resume is simply not enough to attract and retain employers’ attention. First impressions can only be made once..


Tip 1

Your resume needs to reflect who you are and what you are capable of. Review your resume focusing on these 2 points. 

Tip 2

Make sure your resume is not too long and uninteresting. Getting the right match between quality of content and length of your professional document can be a delicate balance. .

Tip 3

Putting personal information in your resume is not highly regarded in Australia. We have strict anti-discrimination laws and recruiters are not interested in your age (unless they are recruiting a junior) whether you are single or married, or what your interests are outside work. Focus only on the information that relates to your employment history and tailor it to suit the job if you need to.

Tip 4

If you are not currently in the same location as the job you are applying for, make sure you attach a cover letter and mention your intention to relocate. If you are coming from overseas, ensure you add the type of visa you have, when it starts and your intended date of arrival. This will ensure recruiters don’t just disregard your resume as someone from overseas looking to be sponsored.

Tip 5

Have a few different people double check your resume for mistakes. Often when you are looking at your own resume over and over again, you can miss simple mistakes. It is also quite common when the candidate does not have English as a first language. Having friends/family double check the document ensures it will be 100% correct. 


Looking for Casual Work?

If you are visiting Australia as part of a working holiday you may want to find casual work. If your not sure where to start here are a few ideas:

-If you want to get bar/restaurant or work at parties and events you will be required to get your RSA (responsible service of alcohol) Certificate. Each of the States have their own legislation and training requirements som courses vary dependent on where you want to work. You can complete your RSA online, with online support and print your certificate once complete. Try

-There are casual job postings on and and even short term one shift options on . There are also job postings on but you should always ensure you take sensible safety precautions when following these up.


Don't Forget! It is smart to read up on casual emplyee entitlements so you understand your rights in Australia. See for more details.


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