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  • Lots of options to choose from not so common in the cities compared to the rural areas surrounding them. B and B stands for Bed and Breakfast and the accommodation you will be offered is a room in someone’s home. The breakfasts will range from cereal and toast at the less expensive through to a full home made Aussie breakfast with bacon, egg, mushrooms, tomatoes followed by fresh fruit and yogurt and toast and home made jam at the more expensive B and B accommodation.These meals can set you up for the day!
  • Short term furnished accommodation is widely available in most cities but is charged at a premium and so is better for stays of 1 week – 3 months maximum. Make sure to check if there are additional costs for internet usage and car parking
  • To search for rental properties and prices in your preferred area look at or .In some states you may also find and useful. Rental house prices can fluctuate and in the year to June 2017 had increased in Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart , Canberra and Adelaide, dropped slightly in Brisbane, and had decreased substantially in Perth and Darwin. Sydney rental houses are actually experiencing the greatest rental rise for 5 years with a median jump of 4.9%.  Melbourne properties grew by 4.4%. With this kind of rental growth it is worth having a look at a variety of suburbs.
  •  Many properties have open inspections on a Saturday, rather than by private appointment. Good rental properties get taken very quickly so it is wise to have all your documents (ID/references etc) ready so you can apply as soon as possible.
  • Pet friendly rental properties can be hard to find and in many cases are not allowed in apartments due to the strata laws.
  • Most properties are rented unfurnished. If you are not your bringing furniture with you, then you can rent furniture, or purchase new or second hand on sites such as

    How do you know if you can afford the rent? If you are following a budget try not to spend more than a third of your net income on rent. Your net income is the amount you have left after you have paid your taxes. Sometimes landlords will allow you to spend a third of your gross income, when they are assessing you as a potential tenant,  without fearing that you may default on your rent but it would not be smart to put yourself on such a tight budget! If you want to really enjoy life then think about keeping only a quarter of you net income for rent.

  • Deciding where to live is usually dependent on budget, distance you are willing to commute, proximity to transport and local schools as well as lifestyle factors, such as being close the beach or shopping centres. Go to our Where to Live section for suggested areas.
  • Homes for sale are either sold by auction or by private sale. If you are not a permanent resident of Australia in most cases you must get prior approval from the Australian Government.
  • Relocation Consultants can help you find a home – their local experience can be very useful in deciding where to live. They can also research rental options, make appointments of homes for you to view and assist you with the application process.The time they save and their expertise and relationships will usually save you money.

Go to : to view the types of services they can offer.


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