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 Australian Culture

verview Australian culture is a wondeful melting pot created by first nation peoples and those who have chosen to migrate to Australia in more recent times. Australians are open hearted, value fairness and mateship and have embraced the positive changes many ethnic groups have brought to the way Australians live their lives. It is possible to enjoy cuisines from very many cultures in most cities and big towns as well as enjoy the festivals and celebrations representing many different ways of thinking.

 If you're looking for specific communities in Australia you may like to read this article:


You can also search on Facebook and connect with many other ethnicities on there.
Specifics for education and other services in Melbourne
Use this to find specific cultural schools and other affiliations for Japanese, Chinese, European and Jewish communities
Indians (Click on Hindu temple and Image Gallery) :


Specifics education and other services for Sydney
For Asians, Jewish and Europeans communities. Click this link:
Indians (Click on Hindu temple and Image Gallery) :


Use the information you find and search that on google to get location, their website etc.


Location and Area

Muslims: Common Communities/ Places to Live 

Melbourne (mostly Bosnian and Turkish) 

  • North Suburbs: Broadmeadows (majority Turkish), Brunswick, Coburg, Epping (majority lebanese) 
  • South Suburbs: Noble Park, Dandenong (majority Bosnian) 


Use this link to find more muslim communities and places in Australia:
In Sydney...


Places where the Indian community enjoys living in Sydney

  1. Harris Park (Mini-Punjab)
  2. Parramatta
  3. Ashfield  (significant number of Indians are there but not dominated)
  4. Westmead
  5. Homebush
  6. Strathfield
Places where the Indian community enjoy living in Melbourne:
A website that can connect you with hospitality and things to do about Indian Culture in Australia:

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