Moving to Perth

Located on the Swan River just off the Indian Ocean, Perth is the laidback capital of Western Australia. The locals are proud of their easy lifestyle, where a BBQ with ‘drinks at a friends’ is more likely than hitting the town for a night out...

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Moving to Perth - Everything you need to know

Situated on the Swan River with breezes from the Indian Ocean, Perth is the easygoing capital of Western Australia. The lifestyle is more to do with sharing a BBQ and drinks with friends rather than bright lights and nightclubs.

Perth has wonderful natural attractions including the stunning coastline with beaches to suit all activities for young and old. Perth’s green spaces, including the spectacular Kings Park, are widely used by all and are often the venue for entertainment. Wildlife parks and opportunities to see animals and birds in their natural habitat are plentiful.

The mining industry and natural resources have seen Perth’s economy flourish leading to more work opportunities for those wishing to migrate to Perth and Western Australia from overseas.

Accommodation in Perth is varying in style. Many of the homes are detached with backyards to put your BBQ in. The balmy evenings mean that it is easy to spend a lot of time outdoors. Perth is a large place with suburbs sprawling north and south of the river and although the transport is very good it is worth considering getting a car.

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