Migrating to Melbourne

Melbourne is an amazing city that’s packed full of things to do, whatever your interests are. Melbourne’s cultural scene is well-known, with a calendar filled with music festivals, art exhibitions, and theatre events. Almost every type of cuisine is available in Melbourne and there are many wineries and breweries in the surrounding districts. Melbourne is also Australia’s most sports mad city – AFL fever hits every year, the famous MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) hosts an array of cricket and rugby matches, and football is also gaining a foothold. There is always something to do in Melbourne; you will never be bored here. ..

Moving to Melbourne - Everything you need to know

Without doubt Melbourne is one of the most vibrant cities in Australia and moving to Melbourne means that whatever you like doing you will find it here! The restaurants and cafes are what makes Melbourne’s reputation as Food Capital of Australia. Whether you are in Melbourne’s laneways or in any of Melbourne’s suburbs you can be sure that the food will be exciting, delicious and interesting.

Culture in Melbourne is embraced and thriving with art, music and theatre offering year round entertainment. If you love sport then moving to Melbourne will be a dream come true. AFL is a highlight of the sporting year as is the famous Melbourne Cup but there is also the magic of the Tennis Open, Grand Prix, cricket and rugby matches as well as every other sport you can think of Education in Melbourne is excellent with wonderful universities and schools boasting some of the finest opportunities in the world. For those who are seeking work there are also job opportunities in Melbourne in a variety of different fields as the Victorian economy is strong.

Accommodation in Melbourne varies according to the suburbs. The homes nearer to the city are smaller whereas further out there are bigger homes with bigger backyards. The transport in Melbourne is excellent so even though the suburbs sprawl you should be able to use Melbourne’s public transport.

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